New EZ-240-NMH-RA-X Connector by Times Microwave

We are pleased to announce the newest product from Time Microwave Systems, the EZ-240-NMH-RA-X connector. The EZ-240-NMH-RA-X includes an N-Male (plug) crimp right angle (non-solder pin) hex/knurl nut, along with no braid trim. This new connector also features: a combination hex/knurl coupling nut, tri-metal plating instead of nickel, chamfered cable entry hole for ease of termination, ridged landing area on the aft end for better grip and sealing of the heat shrink boot, and optimized impedance matching for low VSWR. In addition, this connector can be used with the WSB-240 boot and LMR 240 Cable line, and striped using the standard CST-240A cable prep tool. Contact your Allied Wire sales rep or request a quote to purchase the newest exciting product from Time Microwave Systems.

New Kits for LMR-195 EZ and LMR-200 EZ X Connectors

New Kits for LMR-195 EZ and LMR-200 EZ X ConnectorsWe are excited to announce the newest addition to the Times Microwave LMR product line – The WSB-195-200 kit. The WSB-195-200 kit is compatible with the LMR-200 EZ X and LMR-195 EZ series crimp connectors. Each kit includes: ten pieces, a WSB flexible silicone boot strain relief/weatherproofing kit to replace older methods, easy hand assembly to save time in the field, no heat requirement and is RoHS, REACH and I967 compliant. Contact your sales rep to request a quote for the WSB-195-200 kit for your LMR-200 EZ X and LMR-195 EZ series crimp connectors today!

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