Allied Encyclopedia: Alpha ThermoThin Wire

What is Alpha ThermoThin?

Alpha ThermoThin is a new line of hook-up wire. This line offers reliable performance in applications where extreme heat is needed due to the high temperature range. The high temperature range makes ThermoThin ideal for military, energy generation and production, semiconductor, oil and gas, and other mission-critical applications. These wires are also designed to save space and weight and are great for usage where space is limited.

Features and Construction

Alpha’s ThermoThin line features small and lightweight wires. The wires have a nickel-plated copper conductor and ECA fluoropolymer insulation. ThermoThin is available in conductor sizes 36 AWG to 16 AWG with 600V performance. The feature that sets ThermoThin wire apart is the broad temperature range and the ability of these wires to save space and weight.  ThermoThin wires have a temperature range of -150˚C to +300˚C which allows it to be used for many strenuous applications. These wires are RoHS2 and REACH compliant. Sizes 30 AWG and larger are UL AWM 11540 compliant and pass UL horizontal flame qualifications. ThermoThin hook-up wire also comes in a variety of colors.


thermothin, alpha

Alpha ThermoThin

If you are looking for more information on Alpha Wire, visit our website or check out our Alpha Wire FAQ page.

Price Increase Alert – Alpha Wire

Price Increase AlertThe New Year brings a lot of changes. One of those changes is to the prices of product lines from Alpha Wire. Effective January 2, 2017, Alpha Wire will be adjusting prices to many of their product lines by 2-3%. These increases are due to the costs of labor, transportation and packaging that have affected Alpha Wire. However, there will be the lowering of prices on some select product lines.

Talk to your rep or submit an Alpha RFQ now to get your orders in before prices go up.

Alpha Wire Introduces Alpha Connect

AlBasic RGBpha Connect

Alpha wire has recently launched a new product line called Alpha Connect which offers high performance solutions for industrial connectivity. This new line provides end-to-end solutions for actuators and connecting sensors on the factory floor. Included in the Alpha Connect line are: M8, M12, M23, MINI and RJ45 cordsets, M8 and M12 distribution boxes, splitters, and M8, M12 and MINI field attachables and receptacles. All Alpha Connect products comply with IP65, IP67, IP68/NEMA 6P, and IP69K standards.

Easy To Use

Alpha Connect products are easy to use. LEDs in distribution boxes are an option to speed up repairs and simplify troubleshooting if there are any malfunctions. In addition, they save space and simplify wiring from sensors to the controller. These also can eliminate the need for more enclosures and some support two I/O channels. This results in an 8 port box having 16 signals.

Flexible Cordsets

Within Alpha Connect’s Flexible Cordsets there are many connector options that are used in factory floor applications, have flex life cycles or are industry standard mid-power connectors. Alpha Connect also has the option of flexible cordsets for ethernet. These cables have a two pair construction, meet Cat 5e applications to support data rates, and have the option to choose between unshielded small diameter or foil/braid shield for signal integrity.

Distribution Boxes

Distribution boxes are another component of Alpha Connect. These distribution boxes feature different components for different needs. M12 boxes feature three different housings: thermoplastic for industrial use, stainless steel housings for food/beverage and medical applications, and die-cast housings for increased ruggedness. The M8 distribution boxes also have thermoplastic housings for industrial use. The thermoplastic distribution boxes for M8 and M12 both have a flame-retardant insert.

In addition, the Alpha Connect line also features field attachable connectors, receptacle connectors, and splitters.

For more information on Alpha Wire or Alpha Connect, submit an RFQ through our website.

Allied Encylopedia: Alpha Xtra-Guard 4

What is Alpha’s Xtra Guard Cable Series?

These cables offer reliable performance in many applications, and are known for ultimate performance in extreme environments. The Xtra-Guard Cable series features six installments, each offering a customized solution for different applications.

The Xtra-Guard 4 cable is the advanced temperature and chemical performance cable in the Alpha High Performance cable series. This cable get its notoriety from its performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a preferable outdoor cable.


Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 is constructed of a stranded, tinned copper conductor, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insulation and jacket, and has a nylon ripcord for easy stripping of the insulation and jacket. The TPE insulation and jacket offers three times the low temperature flexibility of just ordinary PVC. The jacket has an outstanding ultraviolet stability in all colors, though the standard color is black.

Typically found in sizes 14-24 AWG, this cable is available in both multi-pair and multi-conductor constructions.  Xtra-Guard 4 Cable can be unshielded, foil-shielded, and can feature Alpha’s Supra-Shield, a combination foil and braid shield that provides exceptional protection against EMI interference.

Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 Cable

Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 Cable


Xtra-Guard 4 is known for its extended temperatures, ranging from -50°C to +125°C, meaning it can handle hot, cold, and spill applications. This cable offers very good resistance to oils, solvents, chemicals and fuels, and is also water resistant.

Typical applications for this cable include use in plant operations, minimizing instruments and controls, mass transit systems, military electronic applications, food and beverages plants, petrochemical process controls, arctic pipeline controls, and even use with wood, paper, and pulp.

Xtra-Guard 4 is approved by MSHA and the Pennsylvania Bureau Deep Mining Safety for mine-wide monitoring systems, except for size 14 AWG. It is also suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 Locations per the NEC.

If you need Xtra-Guard wire that meets certain approvals, Xtra-Guard 4 is UL and CSA dual-rated. You can find Xtra-Guard adhering to UL TC (600V), PLTC (300 V), and WTTC standards, as well as CSA AWM 1 A/B, II A/B, and FT1 approved.

For more information and full Xtra-Guard 4 Specs, visit our Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard 4 Performance Cable page.

Alpha Wires Introduces FIT Brass Braid Sleeving

General Cable EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic CableAlpha Wire has recently added Brass Braid Sleeving to their FIT wire management product line. FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is a functional product that serves the purpose of protecting cables in all different environments. It is an alternative to stranded copper braid, and is known for its sleek appearance.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving has a tough exterior that provides protection against electromagnetic interference, as well as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The product is ideal for medical devices, and food, beverage, and semiconductor equipment because of its ability to kill and inhibit the growth of germs and microorganisms and continuously reduce bacterial contamination, achieving 99% reduction within two hours of being exposed.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is highly flexible and expandable, making it fit for installations of all kinds, but especially when adding extra shielding to a cable in retrofit applications. It can also be used to create a point-to-point ground strap.

For more information on FIT Brass Braid click here, or call your sales rep today at 800-472-4655.

Alpha Wire Makes Price and Product Line Modifications for the New Year

With a brand new year right around the corner, Alpha Wire took this opportunity for a fresh start and recently announced some changes to their product portfolio.  These adjustments include order quantity minimum decreases and product offering modifications.

Dearborn Marine Cable Products  Discontinued in 2015

Dearborn Marine Cable Products Discontinued in 2015

Effective January 5th, the Dearborn Marine brand name will no longer be used, and all items within that product family will be discontinued.  The Manhattan Electric Cable brand name will also be retired, and all of the slow-and non-moving items will be discontinued.  All other items within the Manhattan Electric Cable family will be moved to a new product family called Alpha Essentials.  The new Alpha Essentials family also contains items formerly in the Communication, Control, and Industrial family.

Other modifications include a decrease in minimums.  The new highest minimum order quantity on Alpha Wire products will be 1000’, with most items having a 100’ minimum order size.

All new price and product modifications will be implemented starting January 5th, 2015 and will make purchasing an easier experience.  With that said, be sure to request a quote on Alpha products and one of our sales reps can get you what you need!

Going green: The Wire and Cable Way

Allied's Wire NewsReelEverything and everyone these days seems to be moving towards “going green.”

Whether it’s toting your reusable bags to the grocery store or filling your cup from the water cooler instead of bringing plastic water bottles to work, everyone is doing their part.

The wire and cable industry is no different, recently moving towards using eco-friendly cables in many different applications.  According to Dave Watson, the Director of Engineering at Alpha wire, one of the leaders in eco-cables, the buzz has been driven largely by Europe, which is moving towards halogen free or low halogen cables.

One of the main attributes that makes these cables different is the insulation and jacket material called Modified Polyphenylene ether or mPPE, which is also used in Alpha’s own EcoGen product line.  “mPPE is a relatively new material with good dielectric properties, a wide temperature range, and good recyclability,” Watson said.Alpha Eco-Wire

“The halogen free nature of mPPE means that if it burns, harmful acid gases are not released into the atmosphere,” Watson continued.

PVC, the predecessor to mPPE, is not like that.  PVC may have additives like mercury, dioxin, and phthalate which can be extremely harmful when emitted into the air.

However, the benefits of mPPE are not just environmental.  The reduced overall diameter of the eco-cables helps the devices they are used in to be smaller and more portable. While an increase in cost might deter eco-cables from becoming too popular too quickly, the positives that they bring to the table are plenty.

mPPE is also stronger than PVC and has more abrasion resistance.  It has been used in many different applications such as internal wiring of military grade field radio transmitters, medical device manufacturers, and robotic applications for a supplier of parts for jet airliners, Watson said.

Options for eco-cables, like other wire and cable products, come in many sizes and constructions so that their use can be wide-reaching.

Watson believes eco-cables are here to stay.

“To some degree European Union regulations like REACH and RoHS are fueling the trend,” he said.

“But there is generally a broader trend of being good stewards of the environment to which we’ve been entrusted.”

For more information on eco-cables or to place an order please call us anytime at 800-472-4655.

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