Price Increase Alert – Belden

Price Increase AlertMarch not only brings the changing of the seasons, it also brings changing in prices. Belden will be increasing prices on select premise cable products by 2.5% to 6.9%. This increase will go into effect starting March 21, 2017. This adjustment is due to wage inflation and rising raw material costs. This will be the first time Belden will be raising prices on this product family.

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Price Increase Alert – Belden

Price Increase AlertThe winter season means holidays, colder weather, the new year, and price changes. Belden will be having a price increase to their products. This increase will be effective December 19th, 2016. The increase will be a 3-6% to all products Belden offers.

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Price Increase Alert – Alpha Wire

Price Increase AlertThe New Year brings a lot of changes. One of those changes is to the prices of product lines from Alpha Wire. Effective January 2, 2017, Alpha Wire will be adjusting prices to many of their product lines by 2-3%. These increases are due to the costs of labor, transportation and packaging that have affected Alpha Wire. However, there will be the lowering of prices on some select product lines.

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Price Increase Alert – General Cable

Price Increase AlertWith the changing of seasons comes the changing of weather and the changing of prices. General Cable, one of the largest wire and cable companies in North America, recently announced an increase in prices to a few of their Carol Brand products due to the rising costs of raw materials. Carol Electronics and Communications will see a 4-6% increase and Carol Cord and Cordsets will see a 6-10% increase. These changes have gone into effect starting November 14th, 2016.

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Price Increase Alert – Panduit

Price Increase AlertA change in seasons will not only bring colder weather, but also a change in price for Panduit products. A manufacturer of electrical and networking products (specializing in cable ties and connectors), Panduit announced that they will be implementing a sweeping price adjustment to their products, effective November 1st, 2015.

To snag Panduit products at their current cost, make sure to submit an RFQ before the price increase takes effect.

M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing to Require QPL Listing

Changes are in store for the heat-shrinkable tubing industry; M23053 Mil-Spec grade tubing will require a QPL Listing, in addition to its original “First Article Test Report” requirement.

Over the years there have been many complaints about the quality, or lack thereof, within the AMS-DTL-23053 approval.  Many end users have criticized the amount of low quality products which claim to meet the requirements of the current AMS-DTL-23053 but prove inadequate, and so the movement to convert M23053 to a more stringent code began.

M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing

M23053 Heat Shrink Tubing

The change is finally being implemented after several large military and aerospace end users requested the QPL, many of which have a strong influence upon industry specs within the SAE Standards Group.  While the SAE group facilitated the change, the NAVAIR organization is responsible for the actual execution.

SAE members decided a QPL was the best solution to eradicate substandard products and to ensure that the products which meet these standards are premium quality only.  A QPL, or Qualified Producers List, is administered and maintained through U.S. Government agencies.   Many items on the QPL are required to perform in rigorous and critical applications, so only the best will suffice.

Within the next month or two, SAE-AMS-DTL-23053 will be replaced with the new SAE-AS23053 requiring QPL.  All QPL items, including AS25053, must go through a 3 year review and retention of qualification cycle.

M23053 Mil-Spec heat shrink tubing increases the durability of a wire and protects it from outside elements, and a QPL listing will ensure only the best quality for your applications. Although this additional QPL requirement only applies to M23053 Mil-spec tubing, be sure to check out Allied’s large selection of heat-shrink tubing to find the ideal product for your application.

Alpha Wire Makes Price and Product Line Modifications for the New Year

With a brand new year right around the corner, Alpha Wire took this opportunity for a fresh start and recently announced some changes to their product portfolio.  These adjustments include order quantity minimum decreases and product offering modifications.

Dearborn Marine Cable Products  Discontinued in 2015

Dearborn Marine Cable Products Discontinued in 2015

Effective January 5th, the Dearborn Marine brand name will no longer be used, and all items within that product family will be discontinued.  The Manhattan Electric Cable brand name will also be retired, and all of the slow-and non-moving items will be discontinued.  All other items within the Manhattan Electric Cable family will be moved to a new product family called Alpha Essentials.  The new Alpha Essentials family also contains items formerly in the Communication, Control, and Industrial family.

Other modifications include a decrease in minimums.  The new highest minimum order quantity on Alpha Wire products will be 1000’, with most items having a 100’ minimum order size.

All new price and product modifications will be implemented starting January 5th, 2015 and will make purchasing an easier experience.  With that said, be sure to request a quote on Alpha products and one of our sales reps can get you what you need!

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