Villanova Formula SAE Team Places 4th in Special Event at International Competition

Villanova University's NovaRacing Formula Car, the VU06

The NovaRacing Formula Car, the VU06, at Villanova University

Allied Wire and Cable is excited to congratulate NovaRacing, Villanova University’s Formula SAE team, on their achievements at the Annual International Formula SAE competition in Michigan! We feel honored to have our logo appear on their sponsor sheet!

Organized by SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers), the Formula SAE is a college-level competition for the development and racing of formula-style cars. The student teams operate under a scenario in which a fictional manufacturer has engaged them to design a car and they must manage every step of the process from design to production with a complete business plan.

There are both “static” and “dynamic” events to be judged at the competition. The dynamic events rank aspects of actual vehicle performance. The static events examine the business end of the project, considering factors such as presentation and financial strategy.

NovaRacing took fourth in the “Cost Event”! The judges of the event evaluated their cost report, assessing not just the cost of the car, but “also the team’s ability to prepare accurate engineering and manufacturing cost estimates.” They were also required to demonstrate quick thinking and problem solving skills.

The team had an itemized budget of $55,000, only half of which was supplied by the Villanova College of Engineering. Allied was proud to work with these young engineers to supply the wire and cable needed for their electrical systems at a cost they could afford.

Although they were slightly disappointed to report a 52nd overall finish, the team is pleased to have moved up 25 places in the rankings since last year’s competition. They are optimistic that next year will be their break-out season, with their 7th car, the VU07. Allied is confident in their continued success and we will be rooting for them!

Testing the VU06.

Testing the VU06.

The impressive looking VU06 formula car designed by Villanova students.

The impressive looking VU06 formula car designed by Villanova students.


Team Nemesis Takes 1st in Robotics Qualifier

robotics-team-2014Congratulations to Robbinsville High School’s Team Nemesis on their win at the Hatboro-Horsham FIRST Robotics District Qualifier!

Allied was a proud supporter of the team, donating 300 feet of GPT wire in the three sizes used most often in its robots.

This year, Team Nemesis built a 2 foot tall robot named Bellerophon that used an articulating claw to gather balls and shoot them into goals. In its recent Aerial Assist℠ challenge at the qualifier, the robot had to score goals in an autonomous round, during which it had to operate without a driver, followed by a round where a driver was able to control the robot remotely. Team Nemesis ruled the field and came out on top as the Hatboro-Horsham District winner.

Watch their robot (# 2590) in action at the competition:


Team Nemesis also took home the Entrepreneurship Award, recognizing its Finance and Marketing Team for their comprehensive business plan and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

The talented students that comprise Team Nemesis are sure to go on to do great things, and Allied is happy to help them achieve their goals! We wish them the best of luck at the upcoming Lenape-Seneca competition. Go Team Nemesis!

Winter Olympics Fun Facts…with an Allied Twist!

Allied Celebrates the Winter OlympicsThe spotlight is on Sochi as some of the world’s best athletes compete to win the Gold in 15 different winter events. At Allied, we love getting into the Olympic spirit (we even hosted our own version of the 2012 Summer Games), so we thought we’d give you some great Olympic fun facts…and some facts you may not know about AWC at the same time!

Olympic Fun Fact #1

The 2014 Winter Olympics is the most expensive in history – costing approximately $50 billion.

$50 billion is a lot of money! We may not be there quite yet, but Allied’s $50 million inventory, including standard and hard-to-find parts, is nothing to sneeze at!

Olympic Fun Fact #2

The Olympic motto is “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” or in English, “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

Allied offers FASTER shipping, a HIGHER level of personal customer service, and STRONGER commitment to providing resources you need, including educational videos, articles, FAQs, and more.

Olympic Fun Fact #3

1988 was a big year! The first Jamaican bobsled team competed in the Calgary, Alberta Olympics and inspired the movie Cool Runnings.

It was a big year for Allied too! The company was started in the Flynn family basement in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1988. Learn more about our history.

Olympic Fun Fact #4

In November, Russian astronauts took the Olympic torch on its first spacewalk! The torch traveled almost 25,000 miles in 123 days.

That’s just a cool fact! But, if you are in the Continental US, and order from stock, your wire and cable will travel however many miles it takes to reach you in just 2 days, thanks to Allied’s locations across the country. Learn more about “All 48 in Less than 48.”

Olympic Fun Fact #5

The Winter Olympics have become a family affair – seven sets of US siblings are competing in Sochi this year!

Allied was not only founded by siblings, Tim, Dan, and Mike Flynn, along with family friend, Chris Burke, but it remains family-owned and operated to this day. We consider all our customers, employees, and vendors, members of our “Allied Family” and that’s why they come first! It’s all part of our motto of “common sense over dollars and cents.”

We hope you had some Olympic fun with these facts! To keep the good times going, check out our Winter Olympics promotion where you can win cool Olympic gear and gift cards, including our “Gold Medal Grand Prize” – a $500 gift card of the winner’s choice!

Allied Wire & Cable: Meme Edition

As you may have noticed, each Monday in October and November has been “Meme Monday” on the Allied Facebook page. It’s a fun way to learn more about Allied, and we hope you enjoyed our memes. We wanted to give you a recap of our internet fun, so you can see all of our memes in one place.

What’s a meme? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” The memes we’re talking about are the ones sweeping the internet; usually widely recognizable pictures, posted and reposted with different text captions. They’re designed to be entertaining, and to provide some sort of commentary on a relatable situation or pop culture event.

So, without further ado, here’s “Allied Wire & Cable: Meme Edition:”

Hard-to-Find Parts - Challenge AcceptedNeed a hard to find or discontinued part? If we don’t have what you’re looking for in our over $30 million inventory, we’ll help you track it down! Allied is dedicated to getting you the wire and cable you need!




First World Problems - Wire and Cable VideosCheck out Allied’s YouTube videos for product descriptions and comparisons, how-to’s, and more. Unfortunately, Brad Pitt really doesn’t appear in any of them.



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Allied Office Olympics Wrap-Up

Office Olympics Medals

Official medals of the 2012 Allied Wire & Cable Office Olympics

We all got to enjoy the Closing Ceremonies of the London Olympics last night, and with our Allied Office Olympics wrapping up as well, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on some of the highlights of the Games.

The first Allied Olympics included competitors from every department of Allied Wire & Cable, from the warehouse, to sales and accounting.

Our “In By One” Relay started the Games with a bang. The relay, patterned after the speedy service offered in our “In By One, Consider It Done” guarantee, began with an office chair race, followed by a packing competition. Once the package was ready to go, it was placed on a hand truck and delivered to the finish line. Despite heated competition, Joey, Byron, and Will came away with the gold.

Office Olympics Chair Races

First leg of the “In By One” Relay: office chair races

Wire Drum Basketball, an individual event, gave players the opportunity to showcase their shooting skills. Each person was given 30 seconds to sink as many shots as they could from the one, two, and three point lines. John M. won gold, and Kelly earned a silver medal, while Pete and “Big Cut” John tied for bronze.

Our Hand-Spooling Races were a true test of concentration and speed. In this individual event, competitors were each given a small wire spool and a length of cable. Wire flew through two different heats, as the players spooled the wire as quickly as possible. It was a close race – all of our winners finishing within two seconds of each other! The ladies of Allied came out on top with Kristen and Jenn earning gold and silver medals. “Big Cut” John came in third, earning his second bronze medal of the Games.

Office Olympics Wire Spool Roll

Competition heats up with our Spool Rolling Races.

Arguably one of the most competitive and exciting events of the Allied Olympics, our Spool Rolling Races challenged players to race while rolling large wire spools down the length of the parking lot. Pete crossed the finish line fastest, followed closely by Byron and Danny.

The final event of the Allied Olympics, the Water Relay, got everyone together. Split into two teams, players had to pass water from one end of their line to the other, using nothing but small paper cups. It was a close race, but when the second team’s water overflowed our measuring cup, it was clear who had claimed the gold.

See all the action in our video of the Allied Olympic Games.

Allied Office Olympics Closing Ceremonies

Tim presents medals to the winners of our Hand-Spooling Races at the Closing Ceremonies.

The Allied Olympics culminated in our own Closing Ceremonies. Our winners for each event received gold, silver, and bronze medals for their performance. Medalists climbed our own spool platforms to accept their awards, take advantage of their office-wide bragging rights, and enjoy their moments of glory!

 “Like” us on Facebook for photos of our Closing Ceremonies, and the rest of the Games.

We are sad to say goodbye to the Allied Olympics and the London Olympic Games, but we love reflecting on all the fun we had. What was your favorite part of the Olympics?

Allied Celebrates the Olympics!


Allied Wire & Cable - OlympicsIf you’re not excited about the Olympics by now…where have you been?! Of course, everyone here at Allied is really enjoying the Games, along with everything they represent.

In the spirit of the Olympics, it is great to see representatives from all of our countries coming together to celebrate what makes us all great: striving to be our best, and being an active participant in the wonderful, diverse, and exciting world we all live in together.

As an international wire and cable distributor, we have the privilege of working with great people and companies around the world. We are proud to have been recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of PA’s “Faces of Trade,” and are glad that we get to put our experience with customs forms and special packaging for overseas shipments to good use every day!Allied Olympics

Another exciting part of the Olympic Games is all the events that go along with them! Whether you’re curling up at home to watch the games with your family, or heading out to the local social spot to cheer your country, we’ll all be watching our favorite sports and athletes.

Here, we’re taking it one step further by hosting our own version of the Olympic Games…the very first Allied Olympics! Starting on Thursday, August 2nd, Allied employees in our Collegeville headquarters will participate in games like “warehouse relays,” “spool rolling races,” “wire drum basketball,” and more! You can be a part of the fun on the Allied Wire & Cable Facebook page. Keep up with the games, comment along the way to let us know what you think, and help cheer our employee teams to office glory!

We hope you’ll keep in touch with us via Facebook throughout our Allied Olympics, and the rest of the amazing Olympic Games!


The Ultimate Fashion Statement…A Dress Made of Wire!

With all the wires used to put on a runway show…we never imagined wire would end up on the runway!  Check out this article, featured on’s homepage, from  It describes a one-of-a-kind dress by designed Tina Sparkles made entirely of wire!  Now that’s a fashion statement!

Tina Sparkle's Cable Dress

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