New EZ-240-NMH-RA-X Connector by Times Microwave

We are pleased to announce the newest product from Time Microwave Systems, the EZ-240-NMH-RA-X connector. The EZ-240-NMH-RA-X includes an N-Male (plug) crimp right angle (non-solder pin) hex/knurl nut, along with no braid trim. This new connector also features: a combination hex/knurl coupling nut, tri-metal plating instead of nickel, chamfered cable entry hole for ease of termination, ridged landing area on the aft end for better grip and sealing of the heat shrink boot, and optimized impedance matching for low VSWR. In addition, this connector can be used with the WSB-240 boot and LMR 240 Cable line, and striped using the standard CST-240A cable prep tool. Contact your Allied Wire sales rep or request a quote to purchase the newest exciting product from Time Microwave Systems.

New Kits for LMR-195 EZ and LMR-200 EZ X Connectors

New Kits for LMR-195 EZ and LMR-200 EZ X ConnectorsWe are excited to announce the newest addition to the Times Microwave LMR product line – The WSB-195-200 kit. The WSB-195-200 kit is compatible with the LMR-200 EZ X and LMR-195 EZ series crimp connectors. Each kit includes: ten pieces, a WSB flexible silicone boot strain relief/weatherproofing kit to replace older methods, easy hand assembly to save time in the field, no heat requirement and is RoHS, REACH and I967 compliant. Contact your sales rep to request a quote for the WSB-195-200 kit for your LMR-200 EZ X and LMR-195 EZ series crimp connectors today!

Alpha Wire Introduces Alpha Connect

AlBasic RGBpha Connect

Alpha wire has recently launched a new product line called Alpha Connect which offers high performance solutions for industrial connectivity. This new line provides end-to-end solutions for actuators and connecting sensors on the factory floor. Included in the Alpha Connect line are: M8, M12, M23, MINI and RJ45 cordsets, M8 and M12 distribution boxes, splitters, and M8, M12 and MINI field attachables and receptacles. All Alpha Connect products comply with IP65, IP67, IP68/NEMA 6P, and IP69K standards.

Easy To Use

Alpha Connect products are easy to use. LEDs in distribution boxes are an option to speed up repairs and simplify troubleshooting if there are any malfunctions. In addition, they save space and simplify wiring from sensors to the controller. These also can eliminate the need for more enclosures and some support two I/O channels. This results in an 8 port box having 16 signals.

Flexible Cordsets

Within Alpha Connect’s Flexible Cordsets there are many connector options that are used in factory floor applications, have flex life cycles or are industry standard mid-power connectors. Alpha Connect also has the option of flexible cordsets for ethernet. These cables have a two pair construction, meet Cat 5e applications to support data rates, and have the option to choose between unshielded small diameter or foil/braid shield for signal integrity.

Distribution Boxes

Distribution boxes are another component of Alpha Connect. These distribution boxes feature different components for different needs. M12 boxes feature three different housings: thermoplastic for industrial use, stainless steel housings for food/beverage and medical applications, and die-cast housings for increased ruggedness. The M8 distribution boxes also have thermoplastic housings for industrial use. The thermoplastic distribution boxes for M8 and M12 both have a flame-retardant insert.

In addition, the Alpha Connect line also features field attachable connectors, receptacle connectors, and splitters.

For more information on Alpha Wire or Alpha Connect, submit an RFQ through our website.

Alpha Wires Introduces FIT Brass Braid Sleeving

General Cable EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic CableAlpha Wire has recently added Brass Braid Sleeving to their FIT wire management product line. FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is a functional product that serves the purpose of protecting cables in all different environments. It is an alternative to stranded copper braid, and is known for its sleek appearance.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving has a tough exterior that provides protection against electromagnetic interference, as well as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The product is ideal for medical devices, and food, beverage, and semiconductor equipment because of its ability to kill and inhibit the growth of germs and microorganisms and continuously reduce bacterial contamination, achieving 99% reduction within two hours of being exposed.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is highly flexible and expandable, making it fit for installations of all kinds, but especially when adding extra shielding to a cable in retrofit applications. It can also be used to create a point-to-point ground strap.

For more information on FIT Brass Braid click here, or call your sales rep today at 800-472-4655.

General Cable Introduces Halogen-Free XHHW-2 Cable and Carol® Brand 17 Free™ SOOW and SJOOW Cord

General Cable EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic CableGeneral Cable is adding to their halogen-free line of cable with XHHW-2 cable and Carol Brand 17 Free Type SOOW cord and Type SJOOW cord. These “green” cables offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard portable cords.

General Cable’s line of 17 Free cables does not contain any of the halogens in Group 17 of the periodic table.  They are free of chlorine, fluorine, bromine, or iodine. This absence of halogens leads to a less toxic cable and more environmentally friendly product. 17 Free products also have the potential to earn LEED credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Pilot Credit 62 and 54 programs.

The 17 Free product line features GenSPEED® Brand Riser cables, NextGen® Brand Tight Buffer Distribution Type OFNR cables, and Carol Brand RG59/U coaxial cables. Carol Brand Carolprene SOOW and SJOOW are the most recent additions to the 17 Free line. They feature reduced toxicity and are safer cable options for the environment. XHHW-2 cable is now available in a halogen-free version from General Cable as well.

These new products provide eco-friendly cable solutions without affecting safety and performance. For pricing on halogen-free cable, submit an RFQ online.

Alpha Wire Expands Eco Friendly Line with EcoCable™ and EcoFlex

General Cable EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic CableAlpha Wire is adding EcoCable and EcoFlex to their EcoGen line of 100% recyclable products. Coming November 2012, these new additions offer environmentally friendly cable alternatives to standard PVC control cable.

EcoCable is designed for better performance at a lower cost to the environment. It is up to 47% smaller, 65% lighter, and 87% lower outgassing than standard PVC cables. It is RoHS and WEEE compliant, and contains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals. When burned, EcoCable will not release toxic gases. This 100% recyclable control cable also features superior abrasion resistance.

Alpha is also introducing EcoFlex, a compact control cable suitable for moderate flex applications. EcoFlex shares all of the benefits of EcoCable, including excellent abrasion resistance and a smaller, lighter construction.

These new products are part of the Alpha EcoGen line that already includes EcoWire and EcoWire Plus. Both types of EcoWire are smaller, lighter substitutes for conventional Hook-up Wire. They are insulated with mPPE, a high dielectric strength insulation which allows for a thinner wall and a smaller cable. These environmentally friendly cables help save space and weight, and have 10 times the abrasion resistance of average PVC cables.

EcoWire is UL 11028 and CSA rated, features tinned copper conductors, and is rated for up to 600 volts.

EcoWire Plus features stranded bare copper conductors. It provides excellent resistance to oils, fuels, chemicals, and solvents, making it ideal for more industrial applications. It meets CE and ISO 6722 (ultra thin/thin wall) specifications. EcoWire Plus has an ISO 6722 voltage rating of 60 volts and a general voltage rating of 300 volts.

Visit Allied Wire online for EcoWire and EcoWire Plus specs, or contact a sales rep for more information on EcoCable and EcoFlex.

General Cable Introduces EXZEL™ High-Endurance Electronic Cables

General Cable EXZEL High-Endurance Electronic CableEXZEL Cables are the newest addition to General Cable’s Carol® Brand line. These high-endurance cables are designed for challenging environments where cable failure is not an option. EXZEL cables are offered in a multitude of constructions, including a variety of gauges and conductor counts.

EXZEL electronic cables feature either Polyvinylchloride (PVC) or low-smoke zero halogen (LSZH) insulation. Both types have advantages over standard insulations. EXZEL PVC cables have higher oil, liquid and vapor resistance than conventional PVC cables. The LSZH EXZEL line reduces toxicity and corrosive effects. During a fire, these LSZH cables produce smaller amounts of smoke and acid gas while maintaining the same longevity and electrical performance as traditional cables.

Shielded and unshielded versions are also available. EXZEL’s special Dual Foil/Braid Shield is designed with 85% copper-braid coverage, offering more effective shielding than conventional single-foil tape shields.

Carol® Brand EXZEL™ products carry UL, ETL, RoHS, CSA and other major approvals. They also pass UL 1581 and CSA FT4 Flame Tests.

These cables are ideal for use in many industries, including food and beverage, utilities, and medical diagnostics. Because of its extremely tough construction, EXZEL cable is also suitable for use in military and manufacturing applications, such as avionics control and industrial machinery.

For more information on General Cable, visit Allied Wire’s General Cable FAQs.

For pricing on EXZEL Cable, request a quote today.

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