About Allied

Our History, Our Family, Our PromiseAllied Wire & Cable Employees

Allied Wire & Cable is a family-owned and operated value-added manufacturer and distribu­tor of electrical wire and cable, tubing and accessories. We carry an extensive variety of wire & cable products for all the major industries including government, military, aerospace, automotive and telecommunications. Visit our Allied Wire & Cable website to learn more.

Why Choose Allied?…

We take pride in offering the best customer experience possible, and have implemented several new services, programs and guarantees to bring that experience to every one of our customers.  We like to call them our “Promises to You,” because we don’t just offer products and services, we take care of our customers.

Company History

Allied Wire and Cable’s modest beginning has since blossomed into one of the largest independent distributors of wire and cable products in the country.  No matter how much growth we have enjoyed over the past few years, Allied began as a family owned and operated business and remains so to this day.  Over the last 20 years, the family has expanded to include the entire “Allied Family” that has worked hard to build the company into the multi-state company it is today, with customers all over the world.

Family First

As a family owned and operated business, the management team at Allied decided to take a different approach, one of “Common Sense” not “Dollars and Cents.”   Each employee is a member of the Allied Family and while others may have chosen to “tighten the belt” and “trim the fat” during the recent recession, we understand the important of keeping more in mind than just the bottom line.


Because Allied’s success can only be measured by the suc­cess of our customers, we encourage, solicit and promote cus­tomer and vendor input for our improvement. Allied’s strong customer orientation is reflected in our mission statement:

“At Allied Wire & Cable, we are dedicated to serving our customers quickly and efficiently, consistently meeting and often exceeding their expectations. Each employee at Allied is committed to providing outstanding quality of service. We recognize that the customer is the life-line of our organization.

“Therefore it is the responsibility of each Allied employee to challenge themselves by providing superior service. Ultimately our company’s success can only be measured by total customer satisfaction.”

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