Allied Encyclopedia: CampusLink Single Jacket – Dry DRLDB Fiber Optic Cable

What is CampusLink Single Jacket Dry Riser Fiber Optic Cable?

CampusLink Single Jacket Dry Riser Fiber Optic Cable is loose tube fiber optic cable used in indoor-outdoor applications. It is specifically used in aerial lashed, duct and direct buried applications.

The CampusLink  Loose Tube Indoor/Outdoor Dry Riser has many features and benefits. These include fiber identification using TIA standard color coding and a flame retardant, black UV-resistant outer jacket. This particular CampusLink fiber optic cable has dry buffer tubes to simplify access and reduces prep time.  This cable also has the benefits of flexible kick-resistant buffer tubes, bend insensitive single mode optical fibers, and support of high performance networks.

Construction of a Fiber Optic Cable

The CampusLink Single Jacket Dry Riser Fiber Optic Cable is defined by its construction. In this example we will examine the single mode options of this cable. See the tables below for specifications.

  1. Length Markings
F = feet
M = meters
  1. Product Family
Riser/FT4 ⎸Dry Tubes ⎸OFNR/FT4
  • DRLDB = Indoor-Outdoor Riser All-Dielectric (single jacket) 2 to 288
  1. Construction
(blank) = none
AJ = Jacketed aluminum
SJ = Jacketed steel

  1. Fiber Grouping
12 = 12f per unit or tube

  1. Fiber Type
HB = Single-Mode (ITU G.652 C & D) Low Water Peak
ES = Enhanced Single-Mode (ITU G.652 C & D)
CE = Corning™ SMF28e+ Single-Mode
B1 = Bend-Insensitive Single-Mode (ITU G.657.A1 & G.652.D)
B2 = Bend-Insensitive Single-Mode (ITU G.657.A2 & .B2, & G.652.D)
  1. Fiber Count
002 to 288 fibers

  1. Fiber Grade


Attenuation (dB/km) Wavelength (nm) Fiber Type
E1 = 0.40/0.40/0.30 1310/1383/1550 HB, ES, or CE
E3 = 0.35/0.35/0.25 1310/1383/1550 HB, ES, B1, B2 or CE

Below we will break down the construction of a fiber optic cable. The part number we will be dissecting is F DRLDB AJ 12 HB 048 E3.

  • F = Feet
  • DRLDB = Indoor/Outdoor Riser All-Dielectric Single Jacket
  • AJ = Jacketed Aluminum
  • 12 = 12f per unit or tube
  • HB = Single Mode (ITU G.652 C & D) Low Water Peak
  • 048 = 48 fibers
  • E3 = attenuation

From the breakdown of this cable we are able to see that this cable is an indoor-outdoor single mode, single jacket riser fiber optic cable. It’s family is Riser/FT4 ⎸Dry Tubes ⎸OFNR/FT4. It has an aluminum jacket with 48 fibers, 12 fibers per unit, and is has an E3 attenuation classification. 
If you would like to learn more about the entire CampusLink series, specifics on CampusLink Dry Single Riser fiber optic cables or to see all Prysmian/Draka Fiber Optic Cables visit our website. If you would prefer, call one of our experienced sales reps today at 1-800-472-4655!

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