Allied Encyclopedia: M16878 Type B,C,D

alliedencyclopedia-ogWhat is M16878?

The military specification wire Mil-W-16878, commonly referred to as M16878 wire is available in various options. But today we are going to focus on the first three slant sheets of the M16878 specification: M16878/1 Type B, M16878/2 Type C, and M16878/3 Type D.

Type B, C and D have many similarities. All three are single conductor wires, available in solid or stranded constructions, with conductor material options of tinned copper, high-strength copper alloy (HSCA) or Copper Clad Steel. Tinned copper is the most common of the material options. All three types feature Extruded PVC insulation, and have the same temperature range of -55°C to 105°C.

There are a few differences that all three types bring to the table. What are they?

What is M16878/1 Type B?

Type B wire has an insulation wall of 0.10” and is rated to 600 volts. Type B is available from 14 AWG to 32 AWG. View full M16878/1 specs here.

What is M16878/2 Type C?

The nominal wall thickness of Type C wire is .016”.  Due to the thicker wall, M16878/2 wire is rated up to 1000 volts. Type C is available from 12 AWG to 26 AWG.  View full M16878/2 specs here.

What is M16878/3 Type D?

Of the three types, D has the thickest wall at .031”, meaning it has the highest voltage rating at 3000 volts.Type D wire comes in AWG sizes starting at 14 AWG up to 32 AWG. View full M16878/3 specs here.

If you would like to learn more about the Mil-Spec M16878 series, check out the Mil-W-16878 wire catalog. To request a quote on M16878 visit our Quick RFQ form or call one of our experienced sales reps today at 1-800-472-4655!

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