Allied Encylopedia: Alpha Xtra-Guard 4

What is Alpha’s Xtra Guard Cable Series?

These cables offer reliable performance in many applications, and are known for ultimate performance in extreme environments. The Xtra-Guard Cable series features six installments, each offering a customized solution for different applications.

The Xtra-Guard 4 cable is the advanced temperature and chemical performance cable in the Alpha High Performance cable series. This cable get its notoriety from its performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a preferable outdoor cable.


Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 is constructed of a stranded, tinned copper conductor, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insulation and jacket, and has a nylon ripcord for easy stripping of the insulation and jacket. The TPE insulation and jacket offers three times the low temperature flexibility of just ordinary PVC. The jacket has an outstanding ultraviolet stability in all colors, though the standard color is black.

Typically found in sizes 14-24 AWG, this cable is available in both multi-pair and multi-conductor constructions.  Xtra-Guard 4 Cable can be unshielded, foil-shielded, and can feature Alpha’s Supra-Shield, a combination foil and braid shield that provides exceptional protection against EMI interference.

Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 Cable

Alpha Xtra-Guard 4 Cable


Xtra-Guard 4 is known for its extended temperatures, ranging from -50°C to +125°C, meaning it can handle hot, cold, and spill applications. This cable offers very good resistance to oils, solvents, chemicals and fuels, and is also water resistant.

Typical applications for this cable include use in plant operations, minimizing instruments and controls, mass transit systems, military electronic applications, food and beverages plants, petrochemical process controls, arctic pipeline controls, and even use with wood, paper, and pulp.

Xtra-Guard 4 is approved by MSHA and the Pennsylvania Bureau Deep Mining Safety for mine-wide monitoring systems, except for size 14 AWG. It is also suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 Locations per the NEC.

If you need Xtra-Guard wire that meets certain approvals, Xtra-Guard 4 is UL and CSA dual-rated. You can find Xtra-Guard adhering to UL TC (600V), PLTC (300 V), and WTTC standards, as well as CSA AWM 1 A/B, II A/B, and FT1 approved.

For more information and full Xtra-Guard 4 Specs, visit our Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard 4 Performance Cable page.

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