Allied Encyclopedia: Alpha Xtra Guard 1 / Xtra Guard HP

What is Xtra Guard Cable?

Xtra-Guard Performance Cable, manufactured by Alpha Wire, is built to perform in extreme conditions. These cables offer reliable performance in many applications, from automotive to wind power. The Xtra-Guard Cable series features six installments, each offering a customized solution for different applications.

Xtra Guard 1 is Alpha Wire’s High Performance Cable, also known as Xtra-Guard HP. Alpha Xtra-Guard 1 is best known for its high performance in general purpose applications and offers many features and applications special to its construction.


Alpha Xtra Guard 1 Cable is manufactured in several performance grades, offering the option to customize each cable to your needs. These cables are generally available with 2-80 conductors configured as single conductors or in pairs, in sizes 28-14 AWG. All conductors are stranded for extra flexibility.

Alpha Xtra Guard 1 Cable

Alpha Xtra-Guard 1 Cable

Features of the cable’s construction:

  • Premium grade PVC insulation and jacket for easier cable routing in small spaces
  • Insulation and jacket can be easily stripped (thanks to a nylon ripcord)
  • Jackets are available in a range of long-lasting colors for easy identification, safety measures, and for matching a system
  • Stranded, Tinned Copper Conductors are color coded
  • Shielding options consist of unshielded, foil shielded, or a Supra-Shield foil/braid
    • Supra-Shield is exclusive to Alpha and features a combination of aluminum, polyester, and aluminum foil and a tinned copper braid shield with tight 75% coverage
    • Cable has exceptional protections against EMI interference when Supra-Shield is specified


This high performance cable is designed for general purpose applications, including high temperature, low temperature, UV light, oil/water/chemical, and abrasion resistant applications. This cable provides resistance to oils per UL Oil Res I and Class 43.

More specific applications include:

  • High technology applications in controlled environments
  • Medical electronics
  • Point-of-sale equipment
  • Computer peripherals
  • Industrial process controls

Xtra Guard 1 is designed for use in ambient temperatures up to 105°C, with voltage dependent on the conductor and shield. The cable passes the UL-VW-1, UL 1685 and CSA FT-4 Flame Tests.

For more information, and to see full specs on the Alpha Xtra Guard 1 cable, you can visit our Alpha Xtra-Guard 1 Cable page.

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