Charity Week 2015 Introductions: American Diabetes Association

Charity-Week-2015-squareIn honor of our 10th annual Charity Week, we’ve decided to give back to local charities that support causes close to our hearts. Since several of our employees are involved with different local charities, the four charities that we’ve selected as 2015 Charity Week recipients all have a member of the Allied family who is closely connected with each. The following blog post is the fourth and final blog post introducing the Allied employee who plays a role in the charity we’re donating to, as well as an overview of the charity in general.

The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by the disease. The association spreads awareness and funds research to prevent and help cure diabetes. With a strong internet presence, the association is a key tool for those who are managing diabetes.

The manager of our branch in Florida, Chris Linton, has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over twenty years. When he was younger, his family became concerned when he displayed frequent thirst and they reached out to his doctor. Chris was then diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at eight years old.

Because Chris was diagnosed at a young age, he’s adapted to his lifestyle with diabetes. While his diabetes isn’t a big concern in his daily life, organizations like the ADA do provide a plethora of information to those trying to manage the disease as well as those who are learning about their new diagnosis. The ADA’s website offers many recipes for cooking at home and how to manage going out to eat. They also include tips on how to incorporate fitness ADAinto your lifestyle.

Every year through new research, the ADA develops new products to help those diagnosed with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle, which Chris says he follows closely to keep up to date. The organization has events throughout the country in different communities by holding diabetes EXPOs, diabetes camps and fundraising events. The steps they take to fund research and provide knowledge to those with diabetes is something worth supporting.

We are pleased to give to an association that funds research of a deadly disease and helps find a cure. Consider helping this deserving charity and place an order during the week of December 14-18, and not only will a percentage of your order go to the American Diabetes Association, but it will also benefit three other worthy recipients as well. Read more about our 10th Annual Charity Week and help give back to those in our local community this holiday season.

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