Charity Week 2015 Introductions: Pets for Vets

Charity Week 2015In honor of our 10th annual Charity Week, we’ve decided to give back to local charities that support causes close to our hearts. Since several of our employees are involved with different local charities, the four charities that we’ve selected as 2015 Charity Week recipients all have a member of the Allied family who is closely connected with each. The following blog post is the third out of four blog posts introducing the Allied employee who plays a role in the charity we’re donating to, as well as an overview of the charity in general.

Pets for Vets is an organization dedicated to pairing returning war veterans with shelter dogs, as well as providing these shelter dogs with a second chance to be cared for by a loving owner. The organization is aware of the emotional wounds that soldiers return home with, and their mission is to provide these vets with a companion to help ease the process of returning home and getting acclimated to everyday life again. Likewise, Pets for Vets sees this partnership as a way for dogs who are living in shelters to be cared for again and given a second chancea reciprocal exchange for both the veteran and the dog that the organization calls a “win-win” situation.

Pets for Vets has branches located throughout the country, and they’re now in the final stages of opening their chapter in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Debbie Piergrossi, a warehouse supervisor at our Pennsylvania headquarters has recently been appointed as Pottstown’s chapter director, and she holds the charity very close to her heart for several reasons.

Debbie started working with Pets for Vets after stumbling upon an article about the organization. She wanted to get involved because she felt as if she could closely connect with their mission. Debbie is a certified dog trainer with a strong passion for animals, however the main reason for her involvement actually stems from the work that Pets for Vets does for the returning war veterans.

Pets for VetsDebbie’s son served in the U.S. Army, where he did a tour in Afghanistan. Like many soldiers, he returned home with PTSD, and Debbie explained how she first handedly experienced the ways in which PTSD can take a toll on an entire family. Pets for Vets has allowed for her to help veterans who are going through struggles similar to that of her son’s, and it has also given her the opportunity to care for the animals that she’s most passionate about.

As chapter director, Debbie’s duties include everything from interviewing the dog trainers that help train the dogs and get them acclimated to the life of a returning war vet, to holding meetings for volunteers and establishing relationships with local animal shelters. She explains that every part of the organization is important to her. From helping to give forgotten animals a second chance, to giving back to the men and women that served our country, she comments on the power of the human-animal bond and its extraordinary ability to “help to heal emotional wounds.”

Pets for Vets is a worthy organization that many people can connect to, whether because of a passion for animals, or the ability to relate to the struggles that returning veterans must endure, or maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever it may be, we could not be more excited about the opportunity we have to give back to such an amazing organization during our 2015 Charity Week. We are beyond proud and thankful for all the work Debbie does for the charity, and we look forward to establishing a long-lasting relationship with Pets for Vets. To help support this deserving charity, place an order during the week of December 14-18, and not only will a percentage of your order go to Pets for Vets, but it will also benefit three other worthy recipients as well. Read more about our 10th Annual Charity Week and help give back to those in our local community this holiday season.

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