Charity Week 2015 Introductions: Shriners Hospitals for Children – Twin Cities

Charity-Week-2015-squareIn honor of our 10th annual Charity Week, we’ve decided to give back to local charities that support causes close to our hearts. Since several of our employees are involved with different local charities, the four charities that we’ve selected as 2015 Charity Week recipients all have a member of the Allied family who is closely connected with each. The following blog post is the second of four blog posts introducing the Allied employee who plays a role in the charity we’re donating to, as well as an overview of the charity in general.

Shriners Hospitals for Children has locations across North America and specialize in orthopaedics, burn care, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate. They provide care to children regardless of a family’s ability to pay for the necessary services. The specific hospital we are supporting this year is the Twin Cities location in Minnesota, which specializes in orthopaedics, including operations like spinal surgeries and limb replacements.

Jody Hale, a sales assistant in our Wisconsin branch, holds this charity very close to her heart. She currently serves as the president of the Tripoli Womens Auxiliary in Milwaukee, WI, which helps raise funds for the Shriners Hospital in Twin Cities. The Twin Cities location is the only one that has an auxiliary that raises funds for the hospital.

MaroonBlack_Horizontal_TWIN_CITIESPrior to becoming an active member of the auxiliary in 2011, Jody attended as many functions as possible to help support the Shriners. Growing up, Jody attended the Shriners circus and all of their parades. Her grandfather was a very active Shriner; he volunteered to transport the children and their families to the hospital for treatment, surgeries, and doctor appointments. Though Jody is linked to Shriners by her grandfather’s activity in the organization, she was also called to the charity because of a loss in her family.

In 1956, Jody’s older brother, Jeff, was born with a severe cleft palate, and forceps used during birth damaged his spinal cord. Because of his deformities, his birth was never announced. Jeff was institutionalized away from home to receive care and passed away at age sixteen. Jody says, “If only “what Shriners do” was known to my parents and others, if only there had been media to educate parents.” The “if only” list goes on, she says.

Today, as president of the auxiliary, she devotes almost every weekend of the year to the organization; there are always fundraising events and luncheons to help support the children.

Something Jody finds important about this charitable organization is that any cash received goes directly to the hospital’s “Wheelchair Fund”, and other fundraisers they hold support the children in other ways, like raising money for the children’s toy fund. Volunteering for Shriners is invaluable to Jody. She says, “our compensation is the smile on the child’s and parent’s face.”

We are thankful for Jody’s involvement with Shriners Hospitals for Children – Twin Cities, and we look forward to working with this organization during our 10th Annual Charity Week. To help support this deserving charity, place an order during the week of December 14-18. Not only will a percentage of your order benefit the the Shriners Hospital of Twin Cities, but it will also support three other worthy beneficiaries. Read more about our 10th Annual Charity Week and help give back to those in our local community this holiday season.

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