Charity Week 2015 Introductions: Marguerite’s Place

Charity Week 2015In honor of our 10th annual Charity Week, we’ve decided to give back to local charities that support causes close to our hearts. Since several of our employees are involved with different local charities, the four charities that we’ve selected as 2015 Charity Week recipients all have a member of the Allied family who is closely connected with each. The following blog post is the first of four blog posts introducing the Allied employee who plays a role in the charity we’re donating to, as well as an overview of the charity in general.

Marguerite’s Place is a transitional housing and supportive services program located in Nashua, New Hampshire. The organization is dedicated to helping women during times of crisis become stable again by providing them with housing, educational and career opportunities, and childcare services. Marguerite’s Place is a firm believer in second chances, and they are committed to providing these women with the resources they need to become successful and independent once again.

We decided to make Marguerite’s Place a 2015 Charity Week recipient because one of our employees has been involved with the organization for quite some time. Laura Gaskill, a sales assistant at our New Hampshire Branch, has strong ties with Marguerite’s Place that date back about 7 years ago. In sticking with this year’s theme of giving back locally, and staying personally connected by giving to charities that our employees are involved with, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to partner with this deserving organization.Marguerite's Place

Before working for Allied Wire & Cable, Laura worked in a bridal shop, and it was here that she first became familiar with Marguerite’s Place. Every year her bridal shop would donate prom dresses to Marguerite’s Place, and from there she became more involved with the organization. Laura volunteered for their food drives and their “Adopt a Family” Christmas fund, and continued to stay active within the organization even after she left her job as a bridal consultant.

When asked if there’s any aspect of the program that’s particularly important to her, Laura spoke to the idea of how Marguerite’s Place encourages their women to be independent, successful, and self-sufficient. She said, “They don’t just give families a place to stay during difficult times, but they provide job training and educational programs so that they can be self-sufficient and find jobs and homes for themselves and their children.” Not only does Laura like that Marguerite’s Place provides their women with the resources they need to become stable, but she also admires how the organization holds their women to high standards. At Marguerite’s Place, the women are required to complete at least 30 hours of work a week, and/or be enrolled in school/trade school.

We are thankful for Laura’s involvement with Marguerite’s Place and we look forward to working with this organization during our 10th annual Charity Week. To help support this deserving charity, place an order during the week of December 14-18. Not only will a percentage of your order benefit the women of Marguerite’s Place, but it will also support three other worthy beneficiaries. Read more about our 10th Annual Charity Week and help give back to those in our local community this holiday season.

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