Allied Encyclopedia: M22759 Wire

M22759 wire is a popular mil spec hook-up wire used in airframe applications. When it isn’t being used individually in airframes, you can find it used as an inner component in other mil-spec cables such as M25700. Though this hook-up wire is most often called out as M22759 wire, referencing the Mil-W-22759 specification, this spec is now governed by SAE, and is officially known as AS22759.  

This mil spec hook-up wire features a single stranded conductor that is typically made with tin-coated, silver-coated, or nickel-coated copper (or copper alloy) with fluoropolymer insulation. The conductor and type of fluoropolymer used — whether PTFE, FEP, PVF2, ETFE, a cross-linked variation, or with another resin — determine the wire’s temperature range, voltage rating, and electrical properties.

For example, in a high temperature application, you might want a silver-coated copper conductor insulated with FEP, which can be rated up to 260°C and 1000V. A nickel-coated conductor could handle higher temperatures if necessary, but the silver coating provides better electrical performance.

Insulation wall thickness also impacts voltage. With a larger wall thickness, the wire will have not just a larger diameter, but a higher voltage allowance. M22759 wire is offered in lightweight and standard wall versions.

Similar to most mil spec cables, an M22759 wire’s contents can be easily identified if you know how to break down the part number. Each component of the part number represents detailed information about what’s inside the cable. Learning these distinctions will help in figuring out which wire you need for your application.

M22759 wire

M22759 Wire in white.

Here are the different sections to an M22759 part number:

  • “Wire Type” – Every part number begins with its mil spec identity, showing that it complies with the Mil-W-22759 wire military specification. The number following the slash represents the cable’s spec sheet number, which tells you specifics about the wire, like the wall thickness, conductor, insulation, voltage, and temperature.
  • “Wire Size” – The following number represents the wire size.
  • “Insulation Color” – The final number is the insulation color designator.

Let’s try breaking down M22759/1-22-9:

  • M22759/1 – Mil spec hook-up wire with a “/1” explains that this cable has a silver-coated copper conductor with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) insulation. This cable is rated up to 600V and has a maximum temperature of 200°C.
  • 22 – This indicates that the conductor is sized 22 AWG.
  • 9 – The insulation color designator shows that this is a white wire.

Now that you are fully equipped to understand these mil spec hook up wire part numbers, check out our online M22759 wire catalog to test your knowledge, or submit an RFQ online.

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