Allied Encyclopedia: Type G-GC Cable and Type G Cable

Type G cable and Type G-GC cable are classified as portable power cables, straddling a gray area between power cables and portable cords. They are grounded power cables which can be used in temporary portable power applications in mining and other industrial fields.

Type G-GC Power Cable and Type G Portable Cord Construction

Type G cables and Type G-GC cables have a fully annealed stranded bare copper conductor. The high strand count combined with EPDM insulation and CPE jacket make these cables flexible at both high and low temperatures, with a rating of -40°C to 90°C. The CPE jacket also makes Type G cable and G-GC cable heat, oil, weather, ozone, and abrasion resistant, as well as making it suitable for submersion in water.They are rated to 2000 volts.

Type G Cable and Type G-GC Cable Applications

Typical application use for Type G and Type G-GC cables include use with mining equipment, miner pumps, shuttle cars, conveyors, and heavy duty service as power supply cable where grounding is required or where ground check conductor is required for ground monitoring.

Type G cable

Type G cable

Type G-GC Cable and Type G Power Cord Differences

Although Type G cables and Type G-GC cables are identical in most ways, there is one defining characteristic that sets them apart. Type G cables have 4 conductors and 4 ground wires, while Type G-GC cable have 2 ground wires and a ground check in addition to its 3 conductors. The ground check is a built-in safety mechanism which “checks” that the equipment is completely grounded.To easily make sense of the difference between the two, just remember that it’s all in the name of the cable. The “G-GC” in Type G-GC cable stands for “ground with ground check”, while the “G” in Type G cable means it only has ground wires.

To learn more, view our full listing of Type G-GC Cable and Type G Cable.

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