Make-A-Wish Grants Wish to Daughter of Allied Employee

Allied Wire & Cable and the Make-A-Wish Foundation go way back. For years, we have raised money as a company to support Make-A-Wish in their mission to inspire hope, joy, and strength in children with life-threatening illnesses.

The history between us is long, but recently, we’ve been given the chance to see Make-A-Wish from a different perspective—through the eyes of one of our own. Allied employee Larry Feldman experienced the organization’s compassionate work first-hand after his daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

Larry says that the charity event we held for Make-A-Wish in the summer of 2013 is what inspired him to nominate his daughter for a wish…but that’s not where the real inspiration in this story lies. You’ll have to read on for that.

Lea and her sister in Disney World

Lea and her sister Lara in front of Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom

Leannan Feldman is the daughter of Allied employee Larry Feldman, and in 2013, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Lea learned of her diagnosis at the age of 14 when a horse stepped on her foot. She needed a minor surgery, and when the pre-blood test came back, it showed signs of ALL.

After years of weekly visits to the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania for weeklong stints of chemotherapy, Lea is now getting treatment for fifteen minutes once a month much closer to home. She is doing much better, so much so, that she and her family were able to enjoy a trip to Disney World this past April.

One of Lea’s nurses previously mentioned that she would be eligible for Make-A-Wish, but what Larry says actually inspired him to nominate his daughter was an announcement he saw at work about a charity event Allied was holding for Make-A-Wish during the summer. With the nomination in place, Lea was soon contacted by Make-A-Wish. They sent someone out to interview her, and she began brainstorming wish ideas.

Her father asked her what her wish would be, if a wish was granted, and Lea’s answer was to meet Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse. Lea has been fencing for about four years now. In fact, she won her first competition right before she was diagnosed. Lea’s ALL never stopped her from attending practices. Though she couldn’t always participate, she was always there.

Because Lea is such a fan of Morehouse, Larry reached out to the athlete on his own. Morehouse was more than happy to meet with Lea, and he still keeps in touch with her.

Larry was able to grant one wish for his daughter, but Make-A-Wish was able to make another dream come true.

Lea wanted to go to Disney World, and so the Feldmans packed their bags and were whisked away to Orlando, FL. They stayed at the Give Kids the World Village, which caters to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Make-A-Wish organized every aspect of Lea’s wish so the family didn’t have to worry about the logistics; the Feldmans were picked up in a stretch limo to start their vacation and had no worries for the rest of the trip, with a credit card provided to handle all expenses.

Lea and her family were given top-notch accommodations. In addition to receiving “FastPass+” for all the rides, Lea also donned a special button, which allowed her to be first in line when pressed. Lea was never a huge roller coaster fan, but while in Disney, Larry said that she became a roller coaster fiend. The family had a wonderful time enjoying Orlando and all it had to offer Lea.

With a great attitude, Lea is looking forward to her future. She wants to attend college to be a forensic scientist, and continue to fence. Larry noted that through all of this, he’s learned of Lea’s true strength and says, “I want to be just like her.”

Allied has long been inspired by the children the Make-A-Wish Foundation benefits—that’s why we’ve faithfully supported the organization for many years.

Larry says, “I confess that I’ve always thought of Allied’s donations, at least in part, going towards the trip.”

We like that thought too. Although, we’d gladly help any child, it’s nice to think we helped put a smile on the face of one of our own. Keep smiling, Lea!

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