Team Ursa Major Finishes in Top Third using Allied’s TFFN Wire at FIRST Robotics Competition

Team Ursa Major with their Robot

Team Ursa Major with their Robot, Rockem Sockem

The official 2015 Chesapeake Regional FIRST Robotics Competition took place from April 2-4. From Hammond High School in Columbia, Maryland, robotics team Ursa Major finished in the top third of all competing teams! Allied Wire & Cable was proud to support them by donating over 2,000 feet of THHN wire and TFFN wire for the building of their robot.

Though the challenges at the competition change each year, some aspects of the event remain the same; the game field is always the same size and there is always an alliance of three robots against another alliance of three competing for 2.5 minutes.

This year, teams were asked to build a robot that could stack crates and bins, manipulate pool noodles, and operate on its own as well as be operated by team members. Team Ursa Major presented their robot, Rockem Sockem, at this year’s competition, cleverly named since the robot sported boxing gloves. Rockem Sockem helped the team to rank 19 out of the 58 teams that competed.

Although there is only a six week build time allowed each year from when the competition is announced in January, Team Ursa Major meets year-round to train new members for the upcoming competition. The team is completely student-run — from the sketching and designing of the robot to the wiring of the robot and the control station. FIRST supplies core electronics for the build, and a list of acceptable and unacceptable elements, but the students fabricate all structural elements. The robot is considered a prototype up until the last possible second, when the robot must be bagged and security sealed, and cannot be unbagged until the competition.

To participate in the annual competition, a FIRST robotics team cannot function on less than $20,000 per year. These funds cover the $5,000 competition entry fee, transportation, and any materials. The teams raise all they can, but many still rely heavily on donations for supplies and all competition-related needs.

Allied is honored to support a team that participates in an organization, like FIRST, that promotes ideals of teamwork and sportsmanship, and gives high school students the opportunity to work with mentors in the field.

Team Ursa Major Operating their Robot

Team Members Operating their Robot

Rockem Sockem the Robot

Rockem Sockem the Robot

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