Allied Encyclopedia: H07V-K Cable and H05V-K Cable

What are H07V-K Cable and H05V-K Cable?

H07V-K cable and H05V-K cable are both examples of harmonized hook up wire, meaning that these flexible, single-conductor PVC hook up wires are built according to the standards set forth by CENELAC under Harmonization Document 21. HD 21 encompasses several European standards with smaller scope.

Rusty on the harmonization lingo? Brush up with our Allied Encyclopedia article on the subject. In short, harmonization means a recognized international organization develops a common standard to be used across Europe.

What are H07V-K and H05V-K cables used for?

H07V-K and H05V-K are used in electronic and electrical equipment, specifically in devices designed for export to Europe. If you’re using equipment made in Europe, harmonized wire is the recommended MRO replacement.

When it comes down to it, H07V-K and H05V-K wires are just PVC hook up wire, so they get used in the internal wiring of appliances, apparatus, switchboards, distributor boards, and telecommunication devices.

H07V-K Cable and H05V-K Cable Specifications

Much like US mil-spec part numbers, you can tell a lot about the construction of a harmonized cable by breaking down its part number.

  1. Basic Type
  • H  –  Harmonized Type
  • A  –  National TypeHarmonized Wire Coding Diagram
  1. Working Voltage
  • 03  –  300/300 Volt
  • 05  –  300/500 Volt
  • 07  –  450/750 Volt
  1. Insulating
  • V  –  PVC
  • R  –  Rubber
  • S  –  Silicone Rubber
  1. Sheath-Cladding Material
  • V  –  PVC
  • R  –  Rubber
  • N  –  Chloroprene Rubber
  • J   –  Glass-filament Braiding
  • T  –  Textile Braiding

7. Number of Conductors

  1. Special Features
  • H  – Ribbon Cable, Separable
  • H2  –  Ribbon Cable, Non-Separable

8. Protective Conductors

  • X  –  Without Protective Conductor
  • G  –  With Protective Conductor
  1. Conductor Types
  • U  –  Single Wire
  • R  –  Multi-Wire
  • K  –  Fine Wire (Permanently Installed)
  • F  –  Fine Wire (Flexible)
  • H –  Super Fine Wire
  • Y  –  Tinsel Strand
  1. Conductor Cross-Sectional
  • Area specified in mm²
H07V-K Cable — European Harmonized Hook Up Wire

H07V-K Cable — European Harmonized Hook Up Wire

Just from the part numbers, we know that both H07V-K and H05V-K have permanently installed fine wire conductors insulated with PVC. Where the two wires differ is in voltage. This is because H05V-K cable specs span from only 20 AWG to 17 AWG, whereas the H07V-K specs apply to 16 AWG and larger. H07V-K wire’s larger gauge size permits a higher voltage rating.

Harmonized cables are identifiable by an  mark on the outer jacket or insulation; or internally, with printed tape inside the cable. H05V-K and H07V-K cables are available in a variety of colors: black, green/yellow, brown, red, white, gray, violet, pink, orange, beige, blue (RAL5015), dark blue (RAL5010), marine blue (RAL5002). If you don’t need to meet the harmonized standard, this wire is also available in transparent, yellow, and green insulation.

See more H05V-K / H07V-K Cable technical specs and ratings on our product page.

H07RN-F Cable

Though it’s only a couple letters off from H07V-K, the H07RN-F is a whole different product.  H07RN-F cable is harmonized portable cord under HD 22. Like H07V-K cable, it has a working voltage of 450/750 volts, but unlike the PVC hook up wire, H07RN-F cable has rubber insulation and a synthetic rubber jacket over flexible fine wire conductor(s).

H07RN-F portable cord is used in electrical equipment under medium mechanical stress in outdoor or indoor environments, dry or damp. H07RN-F is often used in boilers, heating plates, hand lamps, electric tools, transportable motors or onsite machines.  More info on H07RN-F cable specs here.

Having a basic understanding of the harmonized wire coding system will help you to more quickly identify cable types and know your hook up wires from your portable cords. If you have any unanswered questions about H05V-K and H07V-K hook up wire or H07RN-F portable cord, email them to

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