Allied Encyclopedia: All About M16878/11, M16878/12, and M16878/13

Allied EncyclopediaSo close, but so far away.  MIL-W-16878/11, MIL-W-16878/12, and MIL-W-16878/13 are all types of mil-spec wire and share a lot of similar properties but they also vary slightly when looked at more closely.

All three wires are also  insulated with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene or FEP.  The benefit of having FEP insulated wire is that it does very well in high-temperatures; it is the most flexible of all insulations, and resists moisture absorption and atomic oxygen erosion making it able to withstand extreme conditions.  In fact, all three wires have a minimum temperature rating of -55°C to +150°C (200°C with Silver-Coated Copper Conductor). That’s -67 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit or 392 degrees with the Silver-coated copper conductor!  All of these wires also feature tinned copper conductors but have silver-coated copper conductors as an available option.  All of these wires also pass the UL VW-1 Flame Test which tests the material’s ability to resist fire along a vertically suspended wire.  Lastly, all three wires can also be used in applications with electronic equipment and computer back panels and are able to be customized with our value-added services of striping, cutting, printing, and twisting.

Now that you know everything they have in common, here’s a list of things that they don’t have in common

                                                       MIL-W-16878/11 (NEMA HP4 Type K): has a .010 Nominal Wall Thickness, a voltage rating of 600 and is available in 8-32 AWG.Type KK Wire

MIL-W-16878/12 (NEMA HP4 Type KK): has a .015 Nominal Wall Thickness, a voltage rating of 1000 and is available in 2-32 AWG.

MIL-W-16878/13 (NEMA HP4 Type KT): has a .006 Nominal Wall Thickness, a voltage rating of 250 and is available in 20-36 AWG.

Want to learn more about MIL-W-16878? Click here for more information.  Want to learn more about wire and cable in general?  Our Allied Encyclopedia Series is a wealth of knowledge and information for those just starting to delve into the wire and cable world as well as seasoned pros like us.  Or do you already know everything there is to know and can’t wait to get your hands on our products?  Call us today at 1-800-472-4655 or request a quote online.

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