Allied Encyclopedia: What is GXL Wire?

Allied EncyclopediaWhat is GXL automotive wire?

GXL is automotive primary wire and the most common type of cross-linked automotive wire.

Notable features of GXL wire include:

  • Temperature range – GXL primary wire is rated from -51˚C to 125˚C. Its ability to hold up against such high temperatures is thanks to its Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.
  • Flexibility – Type GXL wire typically features a bare copper conductor and is stranded for great flexibility.
  • Size/Thickness – Type GXL wire has a thin insulation wall. The thin wall allows this automotive wire to fit in small areas.

GXL automotive wire is available in gauge sizes ranging from 20 AWG to 8 AWG. Allied’s GXL automotive primary wire meets Ford (M1L-85B) and Chrysler MS-8900) specifications as well as SAE-J-1128.


With XLPE insulation, GXL automotive wire works particularly well in engine compartments where higher temperature performance is required. GXL wire is most commonly found in tractors and trailers; however there are many other automotive applications for GXL such as passenger cars and boats.

GXL wire vs. SXL wire and TXL automotive primary wire

GXL, SXL and TXL are all popular types of automotive primary wire. They have many of the same features, including high temperature ratings and great flexibility. The main difference between type GXL wire and the other cross-linked automotive wires is wall thickness.

Type SXL automotive primary wire has a standard wall thickness, thicker than the insulation on GXL wire. SXL wire is primarily used in engine compartments.

Type TXL wire has an extra thin wall thickness, thinner than that on GXL wire. The extra thin wall makes this wire best for applications where space is limited and a lightweight wire is required.

Value-Added Services

Automotive wire like GXL can be customized with value-added services to make identification easy. Up to three stripes, also known as tracers can be added to wires for use in automotive wire harnesses that exceed the standard color code. Jacketing can also be printed with custom text, numbers or even a company logo.

Want to learn more about GXL and other types of automotive wire?  You can browse the full specifications for GXL automotive primary wire or check out our Cable Basics episode on automotive wire by clicking on the video below.

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