New USS Zumwalt Features Allied Wire!

We know our customers are always working on interesting projects with the wire and cable products they get from Allied, but we love it when we get to see the end result—especially when it’s part of a cutting edge military design!

M16878/4 (also known as NEMA HP3 Type E) hook up wire is a popular military spec wire. It’s great because it has excellent resistance to aging, solder damage, flame and moisture. The PTFE insulation makes it resistant to ozone, grease, solvents and other chemicals as well. With low power loss, it’s ideal for high frequency applications. You can find this stuff in Allied Wire and Cable’s catalog…but you can also find it inside the brand new USS Zumwalt!

The USS Zumwalt--featuring M16878/4, M24640 and M24643 Cable from AWC!

The USS Zumwalt–featuring M16878/4, M24640 and M24643 Cable from AWC!

Allied is proud to have supplied wire to be used onboard the newest and largest stealthy ship in the United States Navy. The USS Zumwalt is the first destroyer of its kind, with dramatic technological advances in several fields. Some of those improvements have been made possible through the aforementioned M16878/4 cable as well as low smoke, zero halogen M24643 and M24640 shipboard cables from Allied.

The first of the DDG-1000 class of destroyers, the USS Zumwalt launched from the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine on October 29. There’s still work to be done on the vessel before it is delivered to the Navy next year, but already the ship is impressive. Here are some of the developments:

  • Construction: Probably the most obvious features of the Zumwalt are the low, angular deckhouse and “tumblehome” hull, which allows the ship to slice through waves. This design enhances speed and navigability and diminishes detectability by reducing the acoustic and infrared signatures. According to Naval Sea Systems Command spokesperson Chris Johnson, the boat “has the radar cross-section of a fishing boat.” Pretty good for a warship 610 feet long and 81 feet wide.
  • Weaponry: There are a lot of acronyms involved in the weaponry systems on board, but suffice it to say that 600 GPS-guided shells can be fired at a target 100 miles away in 30 minutes. There are also 80 vertical missile launchers for land attack, anti-ship, anti-submarine and anti-air warfare.
  • Radar: The Zumwalt has a dual-band radar, permitting it to be both more sensitive to even small objects and more accurate in tracking enemy aircraft and missiles.
  • Sonar: The ship’s sonar also benefits from a dual-band array, enabling it to detect underwater minefields as well as submarines and torpedoes.
  • Computing: The Total Ship Computing Environment (TSCE) is being used for the first time on a large scale to integrate all onboard computer systems in one shipboard enterprise network. This permits the implementation of standardized software and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, which was previously unfeasible. TSCE also permits workstations to be used for more than just one dedicated function.
  • Propulsion: The DDG 1000 is sometimes misleadingly called an all-electric ship. The ship still relies on gas turbines (the most powerful ones available, according to supplier Rolls-Royce), but those power generators that produce 80 megawatts of electricity. Unlike previous on-ship electricity use, the power is centralized so it can be distributed as needed amongst the different systems onboard, thanks to an Integrated Power system (IPS).
  • Aircraft Support: The stern deck of the Zumwalt can accommodate two Seahawk helicopters or four unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Crew: Thanks to the automation of so many systems, the Zumwalt only needs a crew of 140. Smaller numbers mean bigger rooms and better living conditions for the crew.

Despite the cancellation of the Zumwalt’s christening (a byproduct of the government shutdown), the ship has been getting plenty of media attention and people are excited about it. “It’s a huge jump in technology for Navy warships.” Cmdr. David Hart says. “We’re looking forward to getting it.”

Allied is honored to have played a part in the development of new American military technology.

What about you? Did an Allied Wire and Cable account representative help you get what you needed to accomplish your own project? We’d love to hear about it! To share your story with us, email

P.S. Fun fact: The ship will be under the leadership of Captain James Kirk. We told you it was an advanced ship. Okay, it might be James A. Kirk instead of James T. Kirk, but close enough! Earlier this year, James T. Kirk made an appearance in one of our 25th anniversary videos. If you missed it, go watch now.

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