Allied Encyclopedia – 3 Things NOT To Do When Installing Flex Cable

Allied EncyclopediaThere are three mistakes common to the installation of flex cable in cable tracks that lead to premature failure. Learn to avoid these simple mistakes and your cable will last much longer and perform to higher standards over the course of its life.

Common Mistake #1 – Using wire ties that restrict movement

Don’t use ties where they will limit the flexible cable’s movement. When the conductor is unable to move freely, the pressure causes stretching and kinks that can damage or break the conductor.

Common Mistake #2 – Pulling the cable too tight

Leave the cable some slack. Cable tracks move and the cable must have some room to move with it. If the cable is pulled too tight, the track’s movement will cause unnecessary mechanical stress which stretches, work-hardens, and damages the cable’s conductor.

Common Mistake #3 – Twisting the cable

Make sure that the cable is flat in the tray. Twists can distort the cables movement causing abrasion against the side of the tray or disrupting the movement of other cables.

These are simple mistakes, but they can have major consequences. Cable failure can cost a lot of time and money, so follow our tips to install your cable correctly and have it last as long as possible in your cable tray application!

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