2 Allied Employees Complete Local Livestrong Challenge

Amy Moyer and Heather Heimbach at the Livestrong Challenge 2011Last weekend, two employees from our Collegeville location participated in a Livestrong Challenge at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA.  Amy Moyer and Heather Heimbach, both in the accounting department, are part of a charity organization called Ava’s Angels, which joined with SE Pennsylvania’s Runners and Riders for Hope for the Challenge. Both groups began with only 2 people, which grew into a team of 34!

Livestrong Challenges are fundraising charity events that raise money for programs and services for cancer victims and their families.  Participants pay an entrance fee of $50 and then work to raise a minimum of $250 before the day of the event so they can participate. There were 5,104 total participants from several states, some who volunteer as helpers with medical issues, food and support for the runners and riders. The event spanned two days, August 20th and 21st.  The first day was a Walk/Run event, and the second day was a bike ride, which is what the ladies participated in.

The ride was held at the college, where they began and ended at the school.  There are 5 different mileages you pick from: 10, 20, 45, 75 & 100. Amy chose to ride for 45 miles, while Heather rode for 10 miles. While the weather that day was mostly great, the girls powered through some nasty thunderstorms and heavy rain and both completed their goals! And we’re all extremely proud of them both!

Before the event, each team sets a fundraising goal. They get a page on the Livestrong website, which shows how close to their goal they are so sponsors can see their progress.  Runners and Riders for Hope set their goal for $10,000.

There are many reasons to participate in these challenges, and all are good reasons.  Whether you’ve personally been touched by cancer and want to help, you simply want to push yourself or you just enjoy sporting events with friends, as long as it helps raise money for the charity it’s a good reason! Heather has lost 3 grand parents to cancer, which made the decision to participate an easy one.

“They were all very special to me and I wanted to honor them and their fight,” She explained. “I [also] wanted to challenge myself and raise money for a great cause. It was a win-win!”

Amy also explained her motivation for joining: “I am not a cancer survivor. I am not a daughter, sister, or even a parent of a cancer victim,” she said. “But I AM compassionate, strong, and determined to help end the suffering of cancer victims and their families. My family lost two members to cancer early this year – my cousin’s wife in April and my sister-in-law’s father in May. Right before the challenge I learned an aunt went into a coma from it. I rode for my loved ones in hope that they will never have to feel the impact of cancer but will have the support and resources if they ever do.”

We are very proud to say that they not only met their goal, they exceeded it, raising a total of $24,306! That is definitely a win! In total, the event raised over $2.6 million for cancer research. And that makes it a “win-win!”

If you’re interested in participating in a Livestrong event, you can go to http://www.livestrong.org and search for a team near you or create one of your own.  If you’re in the Southeastern PA region, you can check out Runners and Riders for Hope on their facebook page or their Livestrong website. They are always looking for new team members!

“It was the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done.  The energy around the entire campus was awesome!  Out on the road people were yelling and cheering us on.  I can’t wait to do it again next year!” Heather said.  And we’ll be there to support them again in 2012!

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Allied Wire & Cable is a value-added manufacturer and distributor of electrical wire and cable, tubing, and more. We are a family owned and operated company, serving a wide range of industries, including the military, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications markets. Allied is headquartered in Collegeville, PA. Additional locations can be found across the US, in Phoenix, AZ; Bedford, NH; Pewaukee, WI; Rochester, NY, Tampa, FL; and Mt. Juliet, TN. For more information on Allied, visit our main website at www.awcwire.com.

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  1. yea Baby! So proud of us!!

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