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Allied EncyclopediaFrom signal transmission, to data applications, to in-flight entertainment, aerospace cables serve a number of diverse functions aboard an aircraft. These cables are relied on to perform important tasks, so they must be durable enough to last, even in an industry which poses unique challenges.

Now let’s take a look at some different kinds of aerospace cable and some of the hazards they face. This information will prove helpful in your search for aerospace cable, which can be daunting if you don’t know which characteristics to look for.

First, you must consider the weight of the cable. For aerospace applications, the weight of a cable can impact the performance of the entire aircraft. Lightweight wire may be a good choice if you wish to decrease the weight and drag of the aircraft so it can reach faster speeds.

You may also want to consider safety precautions when purchasing aerospace cable. Low smoke zero halogen cables produce little gas and emit no toxic fumes in the case of a fire. They provide a safety-conscious cable option for passenger-carrying aircraft. Because of the safety hazards associated with PVC and other cross-linked plastics, they are not suitable for use in manned aircraft.

Between take-offs and landings, your cable may also face jarring movements and vibrations, so it is important to choose wiring that will function effectively in those conditions.

Aircraft cable must also function on the ground as well as in the skies. Along with this change in environment come pressure and temperature changes. Cables used in aerospace applications should be equipped to operate across wide pressure and temperature ranges.

Although aerospace cables face difficult conditions, there are many cable solutions available to meet the needs of any aircraft application.

Don’t forget the cables used for entertainment purposes on aircraft. In-flight data cables like those from Thermax and Harbour Industries are commonly used for the television and video systems in passenger-carrying flights, as well as for communication and internet access. These cables also have to hold up against pressure changes and the movement caused by take-offs and landings. Data Master Cables from Harbour are specifically designed for these types of applications.

And those are the basics of aerospace cable. Now that you know a little more, you are ready to take off!

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