Allied Parodies Office Space for Charity!

On May 28th, Allied Wire & Cable employees recreated a scene from the movie Office Space, where the copy machine is destroyed.  In return for the chance to hit the machinery, each employee paid per swing.  All proceeds went to the World Championship fund for the Southern Pennsylvania Region of the U.S. National Taekwon-do Team!

During our annual Memorial Day Picnic, four pieces of broken and completely unusable machinery were placed on the chopping block: a printer, fax machine and two old servers.  Each employee then paid for a chance to swing either a golf club or baseball bat at the machinery.  The coveted first swing went to the highest bidder of a silent auction, held in the days before the event.  The winner of the silent auction was Libby Achenbach!  All donations went directly to the United Taekwon-do Federation National Team.

The team is currently planning their trip to the International Taekwon-do Federation 2010 World Championships in South Korea, which is among the largest Taekwon-do tournaments in the world.  Pennsylvania is home to a sizeable number of this year’s national team members, including Shannon Soderlund, Richard Chieffo, William Illingworth, Liam Erskine, Kevin Burke, Richard Hollenbach and his son Ricky Hollenbach.

Shannon Soderlund has been involved in martial arts for most of her life.  She is a veteran of the Navy and was a member of the Naval Taekwon-do Team.  After 9/11, the team was dissolved so the team members could be put back on active duty.  Shortly after, Shannon was involved in a serious training accident that left her with brain and spinal injuries.  Her doctors believed she would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Miraculously, not only is Shannon walking again, she’s one of the best Taekwon-do artists in the country and will compete in Adult Female Sparring and Female Team Sparring.

Richard Chieffo is a defending International Bronze medalist, having been on the U.S. National Team that brought home the Bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships in England.   This year, he will compete in Adult Men Heavy Weight Sparring and Adult Men Power Breaking.

Richard Hollenbach is the only senior member on the local team and will compete in the Senior Men III Dan Patterns.  He is also the only member to be joined by his son.  Ricky Hollenbach will represent the Junior division and compete in the Junior Men Welter Weight Sparring as an alternate.

For more information about the United Taekwon-do Federation and the World Championships, please visit

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Allied Wire & Cable is a value-added manufacturer and distributor of electrical wire and cable, tubing, and more. We are a family owned and operated company, serving a wide range of industries, including the military, automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications markets. Allied is headquartered in Collegeville, PA. Additional locations can be found across the US, in Merrimack, NH, Tampa, FL, Pewaukee, WI, and Las Vegas, NV. For more information on Allied, visit our main website at

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