Dallastown High School Students Fabricate Boat Built with Allied Wire!

However, their budget was small and they couldn’t afford to buy all the materials, which is why they contacted us and several other manufacturers in the marine and trailer industry. His request was simple: any amount of GPTM-16T wire in a few colors that we could spare would greatly help his class to complete their project. In the end, we donated about 730′ of wire in six different colors and varying length pieces. All we asked in return was to be kept in the loop! Throughout the next few months, Matthew kept in touch with us, filling us in on their project and supplying us with pictures of the progress. Today, we got the last one: the finished boat and trailer!

Dallastown High Metal Technology Students with Boat

Dallastown High School Students with the Finished Boat!

Student Welds Hull of BoatMatthew’s class consists of 30 Metal III students, and they meet 3 days a week for their regular 45 minute class time. That time wasn’t enough, and many worked during study hall, lunch and after school. In the end, it took them from September through most of April to complete the fabrication.

Center Console for the BoatThe students utilized skills they learned from class throughout the build: metal fabrication, building layout, welding, wiring and other machining skills. First, they needed to fabricate the hull. This involved heavy amounts of welding and metal work, but not much wire.

Once they finished that, they moved on to the center console, which meant more wiring. GPTM wire is a general purpose marine wire that can be used in several applications that fall under its 105°C operating temperature. They used the wire for all the gauges, lighting and plumbing. If you’re not familiar with boating, it might be surprising how much plumbing is involved in boat maintenance.

Boat in ProgressThey installed a live well to keep fish and bait alive, the bilge to pump out any water that gets into the boat and the wash down to thoroughly clean the boat after each launch. After all of that work, they still weren’t done – don’t forget that they fabricated the trailer as well!

Then, all that it needed were some finishing touches, and the boat was complete! Check out the finished product, trailer and all:

Dallastown High Boat Built with Allied Wire

The finished product!

Congrats to all the students involved; this was not an easy build to take on and you all did a great job!

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